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Factory Introduction

Brand FOWOS is a congregated group company dedicated in vaping
industry which integrates R&D, manufacture, distribution and retails.

Let Client Speak For Us

    FOWOS R&D team is young, scientific and rigorous, which is rare among the enterprises I have worked with. This makes their product optimization speed and precision constantly top the industry.
    For a long time, the electronic cigarette industry has faced the stubborn problem of frequent oil leakage. It is gratifying that the reliability and durability of FOWOS products have exceeded our standards.
    FOWOS has an excellent corporate culture, and all departments of the company are highly responsive and efficient in the promotion of cooperation, which is why we firmly choose FOWOS.
    I respect FOWOS very much. They have a strong R&D team. There are a large number of people with outstanding capabilities in the electronic cigarette industry. They have a large number of self-developed core patents, which are rare and valuable in the electronic cigarette field.
    FOWOS products do not leak oil and have a high degree of reduction. The staff is very kind and has a high response rate. They answered many of my questions professionally. I have had great service here. I believe this is a brand we can trust.
    I think product innovation and optimization is the most important thing, obviously FOWOS has done this, their products are different from the general vape on the market, they have the technology and are committed to developing better products.